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Office Survival Tips from the Workaholics Guys Tracy Morgan Is on The Tonight Show Tonight
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On Friday's Late Night, The Lonely Island premiered a music video for the song We're Back! from their upcoming album Turtleneck & Chain. Watch them perform with Akon at The Comedy Awards this Sunday at 9/8c. [LNwJF]

Here's a sneak peek at Will Ferrell's guest spot on The Office as the new regional manager-in-training set to replace Steve Carell. It's obviously not permanent, but let's all pretend it is, okay? [NBC]

Donald Glover went on Reddit to answer questions from fans, "Tina Fey had probably the biggest influence on me other than my parents. She's just not afraid." [Reddit]

Paul Brittain tells how he became a featured player on SNL this season, "They saw me at the showcase at iO last summer and then the following week I got the call that they were flying me to New York to audition." [LFNYISN]

Dane Cook, one of the pioneers of social networking in comedy, talks about the future, "Live stand-up comedy will always be unparalleled by anything else." [Making Of]

If you ever wondered why marijuana made things funnier, first of all, YOU A COP? A MARIJUANA COP?! Second of all, this is the scientific explanation. [Splitsider]

The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons talked to Jeffrey Ross about roasting Donald Trump and "crossing the line." [Sandpaper Suit]

In things that just make sense news, Ron White is the new spokesperson for a Zino Platinum, a brand of high-end cigars. [Punchline]

If you are a subscriber to The New Yorker, you'll be able to read their apparently excellent profile of Anna Faris, which examines the state of women in comedy. If you aren't, well then, fuck you, poor-face! [The New Yorker]



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