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Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello on a Date Tonight on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
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Bob Odenkirk stars in a new Adult Swim pilot about a production company that "churns out wedding videos, Internet ads, low-budget infomercials and even feature films for 'ancillary' markets." SOLD! [Deadline]

Would you like to hear former Ed costars Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh talk about snacks? Yes, you would! [Mike and Tom Eat Snacks (opens in iTunes)]

Colin Quinn on being sober, "I started doing comedy because I was so tortured by not being able to drink and be in my lifestyle that I started comedy so that I could be around the bar scene and around the excitement." [The Fix via Splitsider]

The New York Times wishes Comedy Central a happy 20th birthday. Well, they didn't explicitly say "happy birthday!" but we can read between the lines. [NY Times]

Reggie Watts talks about his improvisational style coming from necessity, "Improvisation is a survival mechanism, really. I can’t memorize anything, even words." [Punchline]

Fred Willard talks about passing on starring in Airplane!, "Every time something about it comes on the TV, I say to my wife, geez, I probably should have done that. And she says, Fred, if you had done it, it might not have been that successful." [Vulture]

It's a slow news day, so we bring you the news that Eric Bana used to do stand-up. Here's his hell-show story, "There were about 400 people… half of them were rugby players… I look back on it with affection; I’m just happy to have kept my health." [Time Out]

Congratulations are in order for Sam Morril for winning The Laughing Skull Festival! [Punchline]



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