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Tosh.0 College Campus Invasion Entry of the Week Mike Birbiglia Is a Comedy Octopus
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If a Daily Show interview has ever left you wanting more, then the brand new Daily Show Green Room is for you. Not only does it feature an archive of past interviews and information on upcoming guests, it also includes past appearances by each guest and pertinent links.

For example, let's say you watched last night's encore presentation of Tracy Morgan's recent appearance, and you were heartbroken to see it end. Just head over to The Daily Show Green Room, and you'll find a detailed bio, his two previous interviews, information about his book and links to his stand-up clips and a Fresh Air interview.

Or maybe you want to bone up on Presidential Adviser Elizabeth Warren before her appearance next week. Same deal. You can watch Jon's previous interviews with her, read her bio and get links to her books, The New York Times' coverage of her, a PBS interview and more.

There's also trivia, fun polls and online-exclusive extended cuts of several interviews.

It's like a special edition DVD for Daily Show interviews, except your roommate can't pawn it to buy meth!

The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.



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