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South Park Skewers iPad in HUMANCENTiPAD The Nightman Is Comething
by | comments:

For reasons better left unexamined, celebrated feminist and all-around wonderful human-being Charlie Sheen keeps talking. And people keep showing up to hear him do it. Specifically, they buy tickets to his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour. And apparently, Comedy Central favorite Jeffrey Ross has stepped in to attempt to make the experience less painful for everyone involved. We’ll let the folks at TV Squad take it from here:

For the past few nights of the tour, Ross has assumed the role of traveling roaster, saving paying audiences from having to listen to Sheen's rambling storytelling and finally giving people what they've really wanted all along: the unadulterated joy that comes from laughing your tail off at Charlie Sheen's expense.

It's a development that raises the possibility that Ross could parlay this tour into an-all out, official Friar's Club Roast on Comedy Central, which has the potential to turn into one of the most hilarious, out-of-control television events ever.

After the jump, Jeffrey Ross displays his roasting talents with the handsomest orange gentleman on earth, Mr. Donald Trump.



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