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Countdown to Futurama: Planet Express Ship Dressed as an Airplane Happy Mother's Day from Ugly Americans
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The Lonely Island guys sound like they're living the high life, "There was something really nice about being in a place where you could come up with an idea, get it halfway done and then decide to go jump in a swimming pool" [Arts Beat]

Jerry Seinfeld launched a new website where every day he'll feature three clips of his stand-up, from classic to current. It's a pretty interesting approach for a website, but more importantly, it's fun watching clips of young Seinfeld. [Jerry Seinfeld]

Seinfeld talks about choosing clips for his new website, "Comedy is extremely personal, you can love a comedian and he's still going to have five jokes that you absolutely revile." [Pop Eater]

Nick DiPaolo on his political jokes, "You don't have control over how they respond to it. That comes down to where you are politically. Look, the last 30, 40 years people have been conditioned to laugh at liberal stuff." [Comic's Comic]

The one thing sorely missing from the Internet was an oral history of Community's Magnitude, with his signature catchphrase, "Pop! Pop!" [The Wrap]

T.J. Miller talks about his approach to acting in films, "I see all of it as different mediums of comedy, not acting versus stand-up versus writing or something like that." [Serial Optimist]

A comic book nerd figures out which stand-up comics would correspond with which JLA members. Good job, nerd! [Comics Alliance]

Will Ferrell on the start of his comedy career, "I wrote a play in sixth grade… a game show… I was heavyset—I had a pillow in a big shirt. I went through a tube, and there was so much pressure in the game that when I came out, I wasn't fat anymore. [WSJ]



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