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Countdown to Futurama: Female Scruffy Bill O'Reilly Responds to Jon Stewart's Response to Fox News Responding to CommonGate
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Wyatt Cenac on doing double duty, as a correspondent and a writer on The Daily Show, "It’s nice because I think doing both jobs, one informs the other, and you get to know the limits of each job, as far as what feasibly can and can’t be done." Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person premieres tomorrow at 11/10c. [AV Club]

Louis CK talks about growing up and how that shaped his comedy, "That was my comedy upbringing in Boston. If you weren’t funny you got your ass kicked. It wasn’t just about getting laughs; it was about survival." [Playboy]

It's starting to look like Mindy Kaling may not return to The Office as a writer, but she will probably stay on as a cast member. [NY Mag]

Tony Hendra, a man who worked on Spy and National Lampoon magazine, and was in This Is Spinal Tap, started a parody newspaper which boasts some impressive contributors like Terry Jones and Mike Myers, as well as pieces by a bunch of New York comics. [Final Edition]

NBC has picked up Chelsea Handler's sitcom based on her book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, as well as Free Agent starring Hank Azaria, Natasha Leggero, Al Madrigal, Joe Lo Truglio and Mo Mandel and four other sitcoms! [TV Guide]

Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino and David Wain reminisce about Wet Hot American Summer, "I certainly did not expect that it would live on over the years the way that it has." [AV Club]

Here are a series of on-set interviews with the cast and crew of the upcoming film 30 Minutes or Less. [Aziz Ansari and Dilshad Vadsaria, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson, Ruben Fleischer]

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