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Bill O'Reilly Responds to Jon Stewart's Response to Fox News Responding to CommonGate Check Out The Daily Show and Colbert Digests on Your iPad

From the Tosh.0 blog

Last week, I showed you a Campus Invasion submission that was the Avatar of entries. It was too good, too long, and the people in it were blue tried too hard.

I encouraged you to stop overachieving and aim lower.

This guy knew what I was talking about.

In just one minute, Jeremy offends Tosh.0, makes fun of himself, drinks beer and smokes hookah.

A solid effortless effort.

That being said, we're never fucking going to your Mom's house.

Tell Daniel why he should visit your real college by uploading an entry HERE.

Catch all-new episodes of Tosh.0 starting this Tuesday at 10/9c on Comedy Central!



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