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Jon Stewart, Soul Singer Guy Tell Anthony Weiner to "Whip Out the Truth" Does Hugh Hefner Have Sex During The Colbert Report?

Comedy festivals have long been an American staple. Just take Woodstock, for instance. My parents always told me they did "a lot of funny things there" that were "so funny [they] couldn't legally talk about them" and were actually "funny enough to justify a flock of older step-siblings that I'll find out about someday." It must have been a laugh riot!

But never fear, present-day America, the fun isn't over. Summer 2k11 is shaping up to be a season full of unprotected sex and illegal drugs. Also, there will be many comedy festivals:

Bonnaroo Comedy Tent

From June 9-12, Tennessee will be funny (on purpose). Comedy legends and up-and-comers alike have come through before, and this year should bring equal excellence. Plus, as you may have heard, thanks to the talented and probably handsome people at Comedy Central, a streaming webcast of all the performances will begin Sunday, June 12.

The 9th Annual LA Improv Comedy Festival

All that is supposedly miserable about LA will be forgotten from June 6-11 as a power lineup of comedians apparently plan on just making things up right there on the spot and hoping they'll be funny. Catch Joel McHale, Drew Carey, Angela Kinsey and more at this epic improv gathering.

Sketchfest NYC

When the creators of this event describe it as "one weekend of mind-blowing fun," they are not joking. Here are people at this event who will be joking and are very good at it: Whitest Kids U Know, BriTANicK, Comedy Central Digital Shorts, Elephant Larry and more!

Tosh Tour On Ice

This may not seem like a "festival" to you at first, but that's probably because you openly disrespect the OED's definition of a festival as "a time of festive celebration, a festal day." Everything about Daniel Tosh is incredibly festal. He's taking on the US and Canada, so pick your location here.

Solid Sound Festival

John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman, Morgan Murphy. In Massachusetts from June 24-26. Hold onto your hats. Because there's a hat thief on the loose in Massachusetts. Additionally, these comedians are so funny that you might lose track of all your inhibitions and belongings, including your hat.



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