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This Week on The Daily Show: Maziar Bahari, Fareed Zakaria and Larry King Stan Marsh Is Turning 10
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If you haven't been able to hear the songs from Matt Stone and Trey Parker's Tony-nominated Broadway hit The Book of Mormon, you'd probably shouting "Hasa Diga Eebowai" toward the sky, except you don't know what that means, because you haven't heard the song. Well, you can remedy both of your problems right now by going to, a special Facebook page where the entire cast recording is streaming for free. (NSFW)

Meanwhile, proving that those 14 Tony nods were just the beginning of BOM's campaign of world domination, the show served as inspiration for the latest Newsweek cover about the rise in Mormonism and its impact on the 2012 Presidential race. (Click the image for the original.)



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