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Jimmy Fallon Steals Stephen Colbert's "The Word" Comedians Announced for Sunday's CC Live @Bonnaroo Webcast
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Don't look now, but there are only 15 days until the season premiere of Futurama. That's slightly less time than some celebrity marriages! So, if you want to marry and divorce Ernest Borgnine in time for the premiere, you had better get cracking. In the meantime, I got you two crazy kids a wedding present. It's Fry as a WWII video game character from the upcoming episode Overclockwise.


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Futurama's one-hour season premiere airs June 23 at 10/9c with two back-to-back new episodes! Then, starting June 30, the show will be part of "The Thurs-Dimension" with new episodes of Futurama at 10/9c followed by new episodes of Ugly Americans at 10:30/9:30c.



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