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Has Sarah Palin Already Seen the New Season of Futurama? Countdown to Futurama: Hoverfish Storyboards

So apparently you decided to take a short break from  repeatedly refreshing to read this. Don't worry, that's the right move.

We're excited too, but it's all about playing it cool. Get a napkin, you've got some foam on your lip and there's visible sweat on your mouse-clicking finger. If they think there's something wrong with you, they'll take away your Internet access and you won't be able to watch the live stream this Sunday. Trust me: I lived through Y2k.

To help you cool off, here's what Daily Show legend Lewis Black had to say to Punchline about the event:

“They’ve been incredibly receptive and line up to come in the tent really early” … “There’s a whole group of people out there who really have a love of comedy. Those people come, in part, because of who’ll be performing comically. They come at it a bit more focused.”

Hear that? Focus. Get in the game– here's some more from Nick Kroll:

“I really love the festival,” he tells us. “I think it’s always a good mix. They take good care of us in the comedy area. Totally psyched to do the shows, and it’s just fun. So many great bands. All the obvious stuff…Also, because of the way it’s set up in the artist colony area, it’s a great way to go ‘Oh, wow! That’s Lil Wayne and there’s the dude from Wilco.’”

That's right, the dude from Wilco might pass by during our webcast. If you're too exhausted to watch CC Live @Bonnaroo Comedy Tent Sunday at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT, you'll miss that. And all the incredible comedy acts.

Read the rest of Punchline's article here.




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