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Daily Show Writer J.R. Havlan's Commute, Illustrated Tosh.0 Renewed for a Fourth Season!

There's an old adage that goes a little something like, "childbirth is incredibly painful and raising multiple children is a pain in the ass." But in recent years, thanks to modern science, Kate Gosselin, the Octomom and common sense, the contradictory truth is starting to emerge. Now the lies can be put to rest at last with Atom's newest series: Kid Farm.

From the comedically fertile minds of Jamie Lee and Pete Holmes, this newborn web series follows the totally normal, simple life of Jean, Bill and the 18 (or 19…) little Engvalls. The happily homeschooled children, taught to become sub-parents of the next child around age 4, never leave the house without a helmet, and with good reason. If you knew the rest of the world was going to hell, you'd stay inside with the youth pastor (who's in love with your mother) too. The┬ástable American family unit is back, baby!

Check out the first episode below, the second one after the jump and a new episode every Tuesday on

Kid Farm Episode 2: Prepping for Baby



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