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by intern Neal Dandade

Comedy fans were slammed this weekend, as the funniest sketch comedians from far-and-wide descended upon New York City for SketchFestNYC 2011, a four-day comedy romp at the UCB Theatre.

The event kicked off with a gregarious glimpse into the human psyche by solo performers as part of “The Solo Show,” hosted by the off-beat-belle, herself, Ms. Megan Kellie. Highlights from Day One included a stunning stage appearance by literally every single person in the audience, courtesy of Team Submarine, and a rare opportunity for an audience member to have an on-stage date with Kristen Schaal as part of Kurt and Kristen.

The second day of the festival proceeded with as much steam as the first, starting with solo material from Paul Thomas. Highlights included a bit from ’Fraidy Cat about women who shave their faces and a mind-reading extravaganza from BriTANicK. The Universal Record Database broke a slew of records, including longest stand-up set done while doing a handstand. The night ended with sibling satire from The Puterbaugh Sisters and their off-beat band of freaky friends.

Day Three started with the razor-sharp wit and lightening-fast rapport of Klepper & Grey and a rendition of the theme song from Home Improvement by the Harvard Sailing Team. Audiences were struck by maniacal material from Pangea 3000 and were lulled into laughter by Matt McCarthy and a swath of the funniest videos on the web as part of Comedy Central’s Digital Showcase. The night concluded with a top secret screening from the agents at The Whitest Kids U Know. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.

The final day of the festival began with panel discussions from the Onion News Network, Marvel Comics, and The Whitest Kids U Know. The walls of the UCB Theatre nearly came crashing down due to earth-shattering performances by Seeder & Lee, Oh Brother! and Heavyweight. The festival concluded with oh-so-savory sets by Meat and Elephant Larry. Die-hard comedy fans burned the midnight oil by staying for the Closing Night Craptacular, a late-night show featuring the zaniest sketches too racy to perform as part of the festival’s waking hours.



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