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Countdown to Futurama: Magnificent Squeezers Jon Benjamin Takes on Gay Marriage
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by Intern Margaret Shin

Olivia Munn will join the cast of Aaron Sorkin's cable news drama pilot tentatively titled More as This Story Develops. She'll play a sexy financial analyst named Sloan. First name, Sloan, last name, don't know yet but thinking it's Sexypants. [THR]

Paul Feig and Judd Apatow are looking to match-make Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy. They may play "unconventional lovers" in an upcoming project. [Cinema Blend]

Aziz Ansari will tape his latest stand-up special Dangerously Delicious in Washington, DC this Friday. [Express Night Out]

Listen to a track from Christopher Titus's upcoming Comedy Central Records release, Neverlution. [Punchline]

Talk show host, stand-up and vodka activist Chelsea Handler is in negotiations to join the teen comedy Fun Size, written by Colbert Report writer Max Werner. [THR]

Shaq on his All-Star Comedy Jam tour: "I played with many All-stars on the court and laughed with these All-stars off the court." Not only that, he gets his cars specially made–all stretched and shit. Kazaam! [All Headline News]

New trailer for Our Idiot Brother is out. Paul Rudd is supposedly a dumb, sweet stoner in this film. But really, would a dumb person invent the "tomion" (cross between a tomato and onion)? I wish that were real! [SplitSider]

This is depressing. Just found out comedians have no money. [The Apiary]

"My dog is having a pretty serious face-off with a squirrel here. You're missing it." Rob Huebel says other stuff that you shouldn't miss in this interview. [SplitSider]

(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage/Getty Images)



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