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Extended Redemption: Philly Taze Fan Before They Get Stale: Adam Sandler, Garry Shandling and Louis CK

When Patton Oswalt isn't writing awesomely "low-stakes" Batman pitches or appearing on Futurama, he sometimes finds himself needing to move from one place to another. Like any human being who also happens to be a famous comedian, there's really only one practical way to get around: The Crabwalk.

Celebrated as one of the more attractive yet pragmatic funny walks, the crabwalk seamlessly pairs sex appeal with balance unlike any in its class. But as any expert will tell you, it's not just the bottom half that counts: controlled arm-swinging also invites attention while definitively proclaiming, "I have somewhere incredibly important to go. Please move." It has only one natural predator: the High Kick…

Crabwalkin' from 5-Second Films on Vimeo.



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