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Nick Swardson Is a Super Duper Movie Star The Daily Show on the Debt Ceiling Debate and the GOP's Job Creationism Religion
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by Intern Ash Mahtani

If last week's Futurama left you wondering about Fresnelling, here's everything you ever wanted to know about Fresnel lenses but were afraid to ask. [io9]

Patton Oswalt made another 5-Second Film (here's the first one), this time playing a letter carrier. [Punchline]

Kristen Wiig will star in the dark comedy Imogene, the story of a woman who fakes a suicide attempt to get her boyfriend’s attention, and ends up having to live with her mom. There will probably be jokes to break up the crushing depression. [/film]

Joel McHale takes some time out of his busy schedule to train Melissa McCarthy for reading tomorrow's 2011 Emmy nominations. Training montage! [The Comic's Comic]

Check out this awesome video mocking Mob Wives. Which seems superfluous, but whatever. [Funny or Die]

Creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island, Sherwood Schwarz, has died at 94. [NY Times]

Errol Morris, Ira Glass, and Paul Rudd are teaming up to make a movie about Robert Nelson, a guy who froze bodies… for science. [AV Club]

Will Ferrell and Matthew McConaughey are reprising their roles in season three of Eastbound & Down. [THR]

Will Forte has been added to the film adaptation of Rock of Ages, as the number of people needed to balance out Tom Cruise’s insanity increases. [/film]

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