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This Week on The Daily Show: Steve Carell, Pervez Musharraf & Daniel Radcliffe The Ultimate South Park Fan Experience at Comic-Con San Diego!

A day of science, a petting zoo, and an awkward party bus. This isn't your grandmother's middle school experience. Which is weird because it really sounds like it could be. But, it's actually just a taste of the "very unprofitable stuff" that will be going down at year four of The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, the world's "first sincere-and-ironic comedy festival."

With past acts ranging from John Oliver to Jon Benjamin and a Kickstarter campaign promising hilarious layers of exclusivity and cured meats, this is shaping up to be the event of the summer. Watch Mr. Mirman's amazingly self-aware pitch below and then carry all of your disposable income in a virtual money bag over to his campaign page immediately.




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