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To celebrate its milestone 15th season, South Park and Comedy Central are going balls to the wall with "The Year of the Fan." There's so much awesome stuff happening, let's tackle it one by one. First, let's start with the coolest thing possibly ever, the Ultimate South Park Fan Experience at Comic-Con San Diego this week…

  • A museum with South Park-inspired artwork by Ron English and other curated artists on display, including fan-submitted artwork chosen by English as well as South Park staff artwork
  • Famous South Park memorabilia, including the gown Matt Stone wore to the Oscars in 2000 and the original cut-outs and story boards from the early seasons of the show
  • A life-size replica of South Park Avenue
  • Interactive stations with social networking uploading capabilities, including a Create Your Own Avatar station, South Park photo booth and a Face Painting station featuring famous South Park characters including Mitch Connor
  • A Big Wheel pedal racetrack
  • A school cafeteria where Cheesy Poofs will be given away!
  • A Voice of the Fan confessional booth where South Park will interview the fans about their favorite South Park moment, challenge them to sing the Cheesy Poof song or the South Park theme song.  The best recordings may be used on COMEDY CENTRAL, or on the upcoming Year of the Fan DVD.
  • An MC’d center stage with South Park karaoke, costume competition, trivia contests and more!

For all the nerds whose moms won't let them go to Comic-Con, there's plenty of ways to recreate the South Park experience in your own home. This fall, you'll be able to buy Cheesy Poofs at Wal-Mart. A documentary detailing the making of a South Park episode will air in the fall and a director's cut will be available on DVD in November.

And online, South Park is allowing fans to vote on the 15 best South Park episodes of all time, continue testing South Park fans IQ with show trivia pop quizzes, help fans create their own personalized Avatars. Basically, right now is the best time ever to be a South Park nerd.



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