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Stephen Colbert Gets Expert Advice On His Super PAC Before They Get Stale: Charlie Sheen, Kurt Metzger and Ricky Gervais

There's something to be said about a man who runs a wildly successful podcast named WTF alongside a cat. That something is, "yes, incredible, give me more, please allow me to support your work in some tangible capacity."

If you're not familiar with Marc Maron's comedy, say hello to your new best part of waking up every Monday and Thursday: WTF with Marc Maron. Consume what you've missed and then get ready for the best news of all:

On Tuesday, August 9, the enigmatically insightful Marc Maron will be sharing his one-of-a-kind wisdom in CD and digital format with his new album, This Has To Be Funny. Proudly brought to you by Comedy Central Records, Maron's album is a live recording from Union Hall in Brooklyn last Winter, and based on the title as well as everything we know about Marc Maron, it's going to be very funny. It has to be.

Check out his latest podcast here and start counting down the days till the album releases here on Amazon. No fast-counting, we'll know.



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