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Todd Barry Plays a Dragon on Tonight's Ugly Americans! The Tosh.0 College Campus Invasion Winner Is ASU!!!
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In the handful of days since the Futurama Head in a Jar app first took the iTunes App Store by storm, the rave reviews have been pouring in. It is pretty much the Citizen Kane of iOS apps or the Pet Sounds of head-in-jar-related things. Case in point, this glowing review from CNET:

I'll be honest: the most fun I had this weekend was not eating pizza and watching "Cool Hand Luke." It was not sitting on the deck and reading "Game of Thrones" on my Nook Color. It wasn't even playing with my kids (because they're out of town–how shallow do you think I am?!).

No, the best part of my weekend was discovering Futurama Head in a Jar. This new app lets you design your own heads, "Futurama"-style, then save or share them as you wish.

But wait, there's more! What's on iPhone says, "I'm a Futurama fan and consider this app to be a must-have. It is both creative and clever and you can't beat the price. Recommended."

Apple 'N' Apps named it their App of the Day and called it "…a great free app that is plenty of fun to mess around with."

There are also positive reviews from UGO, Art of the iPhone and Geek Wire!

So, why are you sitting there reading this when you could be wiling away the days making heads in jars?

An all-new Futurama airs tonight at 10/9c.



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