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Michael Ian Black Announces #SnarkWeek! The Making of Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon
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From Indecision

If there's one reality that presidential candidates must face today, it is that we are now definitely living in The Future.

Sure, we spent the land sealion's share of our nation's history living in the past. And, yeah, we were briefly living in the present for a short bit back there. But now, what with all the smartphones and Twittering stuff and iThings, we are most indeededly in The Future.

That's why I think need get on board with this crazy tech craze all the kids are crazy about these days, get their head good and severed and continue their political campaigns from the safe confines of a jar.

Failing that, they should all probably download this Futurama Head in a Jar app so that they can get comfortable with what their heads will look like inside jars once the inevitable has inevitably become evitable.

Here, see for yourself. They look kinda nice. In a head-in-a-jarsy kind of way…


More Republican heads in jars than you can shake a space stick at after the jump.

An all-new Futurama airs tonight at 10/9c.

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