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Live at Comic-Con: Ugly Americans Panel Discussion Billy West Gives Voice to Happiness
by | comments:

Okay, we know: Address the Mess gets a little the-end-is-nigh-crazy-street-corner-guy, sometimes, so this week we're all about the Good News! No, we're not talking about the Second Coming:  According to a recent study by non-profit think tankers at the Brookings Institute, eco-friendly jobs in the U.S. have recently outnumbered jobs that rely on fossil fuels. People of Earth, rejoice.

So what can the average Joe Sixpack-plastic-thingy-snipper do with this information? A few things.

1. Tell your friends. In a time when many Americans are looking for work, people might not necessarily consider green industries to be stable or lucrative or fun or cool. In reality, green industries are totally Romy and Michele, and after all those years of being the biggest weirdos in high school, everyone wants a piece of their new clothing line, now. Or something.

2. Tell your enemies. So that they know how stupid and wrong they are about green industry not being a good investment.

3. Tell everybody. Because good ideas — green ideas — beget more good, green ideas. We'll be like Noah after the flood, with all the begettin' we'll be doing. Only this time, we're trying to avoid the flood, by reducing the greenhouse effect and nipping climate change in the bud. (See what we did there?)

Below, Stephen Colbert talks to Van Jones about the positive environmental and economic effects of green jobs.

The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.



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