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Popular philosopher Marc Maron is an enigma. As master of the mic on his podcast, Maron has dug deep into the soul of one of the world's more peculiar specimen, the comedian, and frequently unveiled its darker side.

Yet, while (Dr.) Maron's work has yielded countless breakthroughs in Comedy Studies, his recent appearance as his own guest on the 200th episode of the show seems a most radical choice. Apparently, as MaronĀ  revealed to Splitsider upon discussing his new album, This Has To Be Funny, he too has experimented with stand-up comedy (for decades, professionally):

There are a lot of people who know me really well because of the podcast, and they have no idea whether or not I can even do stand-up. A lot of them have never been to a stand-up show. So, it's a whole new world. I've been doing this 25 years and people are just discovering my stand-up. I'm very grateful for that. Pretty exciting.

Well, there's the enigma part right there. Maron went on to explain the unique dynamic of approaching stand-up with the baggage of his podcast resting under every audience member's seat:

It's interesting because they have that relationship from the podcast. They know a lot more about me than my stand-up in an hour would generally give them. It's really two different worlds. To listen to me twice a week in your head or in your car or on your treadmill, and then to come out with a group of people to see me do [stand-up] is a different experience, but they seem to like it.

Sounds a bit heady, but that's why he's the philosopher/comedian/probably superhero that he is. Catch more of Marc Maron by reading the rest of the interview here, listening to his WTF Podcast twice a week and picking up his album, This Has To Be Funny.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)



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