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The Bad and the Ugly of Ugly Americans Apocalypsegeddon Fry Develops a Case of Simpson's Jaundice
by | comments:

It's become fairly obvious at this point that everyone loves interviewing David X. Cohen. This is probably a result of everyone loving Futurama. And loving hyperlinks (which, in and of themselves, are a highly futuristic concept).

Luckily, interviews with David X. Cohen are a lot like episodes of Futurama: entertaining, varied and awesomely nerdy. Inevitably, when AWN chatted with Cohen, the Futurama executive producer slipped in the perfect allusion:

During our conversation Cohen casually reveals his geekiness with an offhand comment about the lack of necessity to include “a green-skinned alien dancing girl” to entertain the viewers. It’s a reference to a scene in the original Star Trek pilot that doesn’t need to be explained to a fellow geek, and a reflection of the numerous riffs on sci-fi tropes that salt Futurama episodes.

I for one would never protest the sudden appearance of a green-skinned alien dancing girl in the event that the writers get desperate, but that shouldn't be happening anytime soon. In fact, in the opinion of both Cohen and virtuoso voice-actor Billy West, the show holds only bigger and better things in store:

Cohen wouldn’t mind tackling a full-length theatrically released version of the show, but West has a much more intriguing, immersive idea: “I’d love to see a Futurama ride at Universal Studios, which is right up the street from my house. It’s a natural – aliens, rocket ships, space travel. I bet it would be a damn good ride. I’ll put that out there – it might resonate.”

A Futurama ride would be awesome! And if you wanted to throw the green-skinned alien dancing girls into that as well, again, it sounds like a really good idea. Check out the rest of AWN's interview here.

An all-new Futurama airs Thursday at 10/9c followed by Ugly Americans.

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox)



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