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The Daily Show: Daily Routine – Accents Wyatt Cenac Does His Best Bill Cosby on NPR
by | comments:

I usually set my heart valves on ice cold in order to prevent the entrance of emotions and STDs. But last week my heart was melted during a taping of John Mulaney's new one-hour special. It doesn't have a title or a premiere date yet, but it was very funny.

Joe Mande adeptly warmed up the crowd, describing a series of encounters with a terrifyingly confident teenage cashier and why his girlfriend thought Nick Nolte was in The Wire. The stage was set, the seats were packed and John Mulaney did not disappoint. He expanded on one of his favorite topics, Law & Order, by exploring the role of Ice-T on Law & Order: SVU and how little his character has learned after 10 years in this department.

Mulaney's tone and delivery seemed to naturally take on the cadence of a 1920s character actor as he effortlessly moved through these topics: playful anti-Semitism, committing murders before the discovery of DNA, the dangers of quicksand, drunk blackouts, not being gay but seeming like it and the lengths he'll go through for a Xanax prescription.

At the end of his set, Mulaney thanked everyone for being there because it is so easy not to do anything. While we're waiting in our shelters, shacks and shanties for this special to air, watch some clips from John Mulaney's Comedy Central Presents after the jump.



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