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Scott Gairdner has been making Internet sketch videos for a long time now. And they've all been great! He was even hired by the Funny or Die team off of his work. Recently, he's been garnering a bit of attention for creating Tiny Fuppets (which is hard to explain, so just watch it). The Huffington Post interviewed him about doing comedy in this new world of cyberspace we call The Net.

There's definitely a lot more people doing this now. But I think it's dangerous, because a lot of stuff can feel sort of forced or insincere, like if you're doing it to get on "Saturday Night Live" and not having a genuine love for making videos. There's probably a lot of people who might see it as a ticket to fame, like it's some kind of shortcut, so they don't have to pay for Groundlings classes or something.

Go read the full interview! Here's one of my favorite of Scott's videos, the always timely Michael McDonald Halloween video.

After the jump, I've posted a few other Scott Gairdner videos…



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