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Mike Tyson, Jeffrey Ross, Steve-O, Anthony Jeselnik and Harvey Levin Announced for Charlie Sheen Roast Scott Gairdner Makes Videos for the Love of It
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It's pretty much unanimously agreed upon that when they make a movie about Barack Obama, the POTUS should be played by Jaden Smith, right? Thought so. But what if the Obama movie coincides with a remake of Boomerang and a sequel to Waiting to Exhale and every African American actor in Hollywood is booked, so they have to cast a white guy? At last night's MTV Video Music Awards, the dudes from Workaholics shared some pretty good ideas. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for a Nick Swardson video photobomb.

The second season of Workaholics premieres Tuesday, September 20, and the second season of Nick Swardson's Pretend Time premieres Wednesday, October 5.



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