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John Mulaney Tapes a Very Funny Special The Daily Show's Best Hurricane Moments
by | comments:

NPR interviewed Wyatt Cenac about his new stand-up special Comedy Person, which is now available on DVD and CD. And it was a good interview with well thought out questions and answers, but the true highlight of the interview was the moment Wyatt read from an All Things Considered script as Bill Cosby.

It made me realize how much I wish public radio was just people doing dueling Cosby impressions. Who could argue against federal government funding of the following shows: Now You See, Fresh Jell-O Pudding with Terry Gross; This American Jell-O Pudding, Rudy!; and my favorite Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Jell-O Pudding?

After the jump, I've posted the Canadian oil Daily Show segment and the PETA bit referenced in the interview.

The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c. Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person is available now.



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