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Once you've been named to Variety's 10 Comics to Watch, Entertainment Weekly's 12 Rising Stars of Comedy and Comedy Central's Hot List, there's not much left to do but retire to a small Eastern European village and bask in the hilarity of your unfulfilled comedic potential. Luckily for comedy fans everywhere, funny-man TJ Miller has discovered the only other option upon receiving such honors is to record a hip-hop/pop/folk super-album with sweet beats and incredible guest stars.

The album, The Extended Play EP, will drop on September 13, and the weeks leading up to the release will see some awesome videos to build the hype. All of this puts us even closer to Miller's Comedy Central special later this year. If you can't wait till September 13 for the album, then you should learn to be a little more patient and think about starving children in various countries who don't have comedy albums or food, and while thinking about that, you can enjoy some of Miller's awesome standup in the clips below.



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