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13 Days to the Sheen Roast: Charlie Sheen Costume Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Anime Planet Express Crew
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From Indecision

Join us on Wednesday, September 7 at 8/7c for blow-by-blow coverage of the fourth GOP primary debate, which is taking place at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. We'll be liveblogging here and livetweeting @TheInDecider.

This will be Rick Perry's first appearance among the 2012 hopefuls, so we expect plenty of good old-fashioned all-American petty sniping. Will Perry lose his temper, forget he's not in Texas and order the death penalty for Mitt Romney? Will Michele Bachmann reveal her non-submissive side by throwing a shoe at the election frontrunner? Who loves Ronald Reagan the most, and who's willing to prove it by invading Grenada mid-debate? There's only one way to find out!

Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images



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