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The Daily Show's First Post-9/11 Show Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Fleischer-Style Storyboards
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On Wednesday we learned that Joe DeRosa is an avid and egregious breaker of United States legal standards. Now, in this second installment of the comedian's tour vlog on Laughspin, we see him take things a step further by unblinkingly defying social standards.

In the video below, DeRosa openly admits that he likes owning physical movies more than digital copies of movies. Yeah, I know. If you haven't already burnt your entire house down in violent reaction to this news, then I suggest you watch the rest of the video. Long live the intangible!

Joe DeRosa's new stand-up album Return of the Son of Depression Auction (a sequel to his first album The Depression Auction) is available now. Listen to a sample track!



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