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Workaholics Invents the Booze-Filled Headset 5 Days to the Sheen Roast: Charlie Sheen Impressions
by | comments:

We've seen some examples of Futurama graffiti before, but they've all been of Bender for some reason. Someone should really look into a connection between the inhalation of paint fumes and a penchant for sass-talking alcoholic robots. What's Erin Brockovich up to these days? Anyway, with that in mind, today's Fanarama entry is a little unexpected. It's a delightful piece of vandalism spotted in New York City by Redditor gas_station over the weekend featuring not Bender, but Turanga Leela.

Click the image for the original.

For videos and upcoming air-times, be sure to visit the official Futurama site.



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