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All Aboard the #SheenRoast Dashboard Jon Stewart on the Republican Upset in New York's 9th Congressional District
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Did you watch Patton Oswalt's 5-Second Films on crabwalking, the Postal Service and wizardry and think to yourself, "Man, fifteen collective seconds was great, but I want more?" Then did you watch reruns of King of Queens and think to yourself, "Man, a few days worth of footage was great, but why does Kevin James have such a hot wife in this show?"

Well good news– you'll get a whole lot more Patton Oswalt-centric entertainment on Finest Hour, his new album to be released through Comedy Central Records next Tuesday! In the meantime, here's what the ever-insightful Oswalt told Splitsider about the state of comedy in relation to where it was a decade ago:

To me, the most noticeable thing is there’s no such thing as getting your foot in the door anymore. There is no door, and that’s a really good thing. Cause back then you’d have performers who weren’t talented deluding themselves that they were good but couldn’t catch a break. Now it’s like you go out and make something, and if it’s good, people will find it. There’s a lot less of people asking you to watch something. A lot less delusion.

See that? Even you could become a comedy superstar! Which means you're only one step and a sitcom away from having a hot wife! Good luck!

Pre-order Finest Hour with this link and you'll get an autographed copy while supplies last.

(Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage/Getty Images)



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