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Zero Days to the Sheen Roast: Charlie Sheen Tattoos Colbert Expands to One Hour for Special Radiohead Episode
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From Indecision

As is explicitly obvious to anyone who spends even a few minutes a week watching or reading the national media, Thaddeus McCotter is the Republican representative from Michigan's 11th district who has mounted a much-ballyhooed campaign for the presidency. Newspaper reporters are always going "Thaddeus McCotter said this," and cable news pundits are always going "Thaddeus McCotter shook that." Thaddeus McCotter's campaign is — to put it lightly — the media topic of the electoral season.

Oh, wait. Everything that I just said, scratch it. I meant the opposite.

But, Thaddeus McCotter is the very first interviewee in our brand new feature "Undercision 2012: Running with the Underdogs" — in which we seek to shine some light on some candidates and campaigns that are maybe a little lacking in media attention — so that something. Here's Indecision's own Mary Phillips-Sandy and the distinguished gentleman from Michigan…

Keep your eye out for more exclusive Undercision coverage in the weeks and months ahead.



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