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The New York Comedy Festival is coming whether you like it or not. (You probably like it. It'd be weird if you were super anti-comedy festivals). Carolines and The Comedy Store are hosting a series of live showcases to find the cream of the comedy crop to perform on the festival line-up. Carolines tickets are $16.50 with a two drink minimum, but if you use the code CTW, the tickets are free. The Comedy Store tickets are free with a two drink minimum.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am on the first line-up. Is this post a conflict of interest? You have to have an interest to be conflicted about in the first place, right? Does Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past count as an interest? If so, I don't feel very conflicted about it.

Tuesday (tomorrow night), September 27 at 7pm at Carolines:

Host – Harrison Greenbaum

Emily Heller
Andy Sandford
Adam Conover
Orlando Baxter
Dan Gurewitch
Gonzalo Cordova
Jessimae Peluso
Noah Goldstein
Max Silvestri
Trevor Williams
Matt Ruby

More dates and line-ups after the jump.

Wednesday, Sept 28 at 7pm at Carolines:

Host – Nate Bargatze

Noah Garfinkel
Andrew Schulz
Giulia Rozzi
CJ Toledano
Will Hines
Derik Boik
Greg Johnson
Billy Prinsell
Mara Herron
Kyle Fincham

Tuesday, September 27 at 8pm at The Comedy Store Belly Room:

Trevor Noah
Ed Galvez
Nick Guerra
Eric Dadourian
Christina Pazitzky
Scott Krinsky
Michelle Collins
Justin Hines
Adam Ray
Mike Burns
Tobe Hixx

Wednesday, September 28 at 7:30pm at The Comedy Store Belly Room:

Mal Hall
Drew Barth
JC Coccoli
Nick Youssef
Shawn Halpin
Jesse Case
Jason Nash
Daryl Wright
Aparna Nancherla
Andrew Santino

Monday October 3 at 7:30pm at The Comedy Store Main Room:

Rob Delaney
Billy Wayne Davis
Emily Maya Mills
Asif Ali
Brady Matthews
Kevin Christy
Sarah Tiana
Rob Christensen
Steve Simeone
Laura Valdivia



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