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Gabriel Iglesias Recounts a Sticky Situation with Martin Moreno Workaholics Tumblrs: Brought to You by The Beef and The Choad
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Did you know the pilgrims and natives didn't actually eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving? It's true. Most historians believe they served venison and free comedy shows. And it's with that in mind that Comedy Central Stage brings you a bountiful November stuffed with eight thanks-inducing shows at The Hudson in Hollywood.

As always, all shows start at 8pm and are free with limited seating. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations. Here's the schedule:

2 Wednesday
Matt Price
For six years, Matt Price tried to befriend his next door neighbor even though she constantly insulted him, called him by the wrong name and blasted smooth jazz on her radio morning ‘til night. It’s finally time to talk about it. Written by and starring Matt Price (Men of a Certain Age, The Office). LA Weekly Pick of the Week. SPECIAL RETURN ENGAGEMENT.

9 Wednesday
Sketch Comedy Group
The nine members of this NYC-based sketch group – an MTVN Comedy Awards’ Nominee for Best Viral Video – deliver their award-winning collection of clean cut, Ivy League sketches complete with song & dance numbers. "The team’s singular vision, style and point of view have set it apart…Harvard Sailing Team doesn’t fight for the stage; it owns it." –TimeOut NY.

10 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
Real stories. From real people. C’mon on down! With Kemp Powers, Davis McHenry, Carlos Kotkin, Lauren Weedman and Jackie Kashian. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

14 Monday
Sara Cravens & Andrew Samples
If "Flight of the Conchords" procreated with "Mates of State," their adorable indie baby would be Sara & Andrew. Comedian Sara Cravens throws her comedy chops and love of singing into an indie-pop mosh pit with Nashville musician Andrew Sample’s musical brilliance and natural wit.

15 Tuesday
Written and Performed by Madeline Walter
A solo show about a bunch of people who think they’re doing a lot better than they actually are. Join these hapless folks at a self-help seminar and watch them try to fix their problems—mostly failing. Directed by Neil Campbell.

21 Monday
Written by and Starring Bryan Coffee
Physical storyteller Bryan Coffee presents a brainstorm about Mother Nature and human nature slapping each other in the face. “Bryan Coffee is a great physical comedian with a vast array of vocal sound effects at his disposal…” – Winnipeg Fringe. Directed by John Breen.

29 Tuesday
Hip Hop Holiday Hilarity
Featuring musical multimedia from Melia Mills aka MC Mills (Comics Unleashed), Eric Schwartz aka Smooth E (The Tonight Show), Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins! (E! Entertainment), and Hip Hop Penguin aka Hip Hop Penguin (UCB). Come get your laugh and groove on!

30 Wednesday
Written and Performed by Pam Murphy
TimeOut NY’s Best Solo Show of the Year. Pam Murphy was an amazing woman, then she got breast cancer. Whoops. Now, as an even more amazing woman, Pam shares her story through comedy. Take a journey with Pam…as she capitalizes on the worst thing that’s ever happened to her.



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