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Twit Happens: Holy Schnikes! Watch Kenny's Parents Get Arrested
by | comments:

You may have noticed a new voice was recently added to Comedy Central's promo roster. It's growling, yet friendly, and vaguely familiar, like the sound of your old buddy who'd say things like, "Hell yeah, you can make that jump!" and who'd then drive you to the hospital. If you don't recognize it already, meet Chicago-bred comic Kyle Kinane.

Kyle is an amazing stand-up who just guest-starred in an episode of Workaholics. The Chicago Tribune profiled the Windy City's local kid done good last week, following him through a recent Comedy Central promo recording session…

It was a sleepy Thursday afternoon and Tom Haigh, an ARU sound engineer, greeted Kinane at the door. The comedian, wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers and a denim jacket, shuffled into a soundproof booth and dug his hands deep into his front pockets. Then he waited while Haigh, sitting a few feet away, behind a bank of electronics and microphones, made a conference call to the East Coast. After a few minutes of waiting, we heard the raspy voice of Kathy Fusco, who writes and produces the network's commercials and promo spots.

You should read the whole article. It contains a pretty fascinating look at voice-over work, which is one of those jobs many people don't even think about until they think about it.

After the jump, I've posted some of my favorite clips of Kyle's stand-up.

Watch more from Kyle Kinane here.



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