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Michael Ian Black Enters the Third Dimension Ricky Gervais Converses at the New York Comedy Festival
by | comments:

Yesterday, we were happy to report that South Park will be around to torment our square relatives for at least another five years. And last night's season finale marked the culmination of nearly 15 years' worth of offensive, knee-slapping hilarity (yes, 15, for those who've watched it from its inception–go take your Geritol now). Throw inĀ Book of Mormon's nine Tonys and you can see why Trey Parker and Matt Stone are among Esquire's 2011 Americans of the year.

The duo sat down with the magazine for a candid interview that touches on their mutually shared distaste for familiar subjects of South Park mockery ranging from Scientology to Sean Penn. On giving interviews:

"We didn't do press for a long time," said Parker recently, sitting on a couch on the seventh floor of MTV's New York headquarters. "We were able to ride on the South Park thing. Then we had to do a big press push for The Book of Mormon. And for some reason, we're doing press again and it's really starting to piss me off. Right now."

I don't like talking to the press, either! I hate it, in fact. I've canceled all my interviews henceforth. This has freed up approximately no hours of my not-busy schedule to concentrate on my interests: namely Scientology and Sean Penn. I guess I will not be writing for South Park anytime soon. Shit.

You can read the full interview here. And in case you missed it, you can watch last night's season 15 South Park finale here.



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