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Sarah Vowell Debuts as Daily Show Contributor The Download on Location at the New York Comedy Festival with Amy Schumer and Jim Gaffigan
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You know how you spend all that time sitting around Googling yourself? We here at Address the Mess do it figuratively ALL the TIME. In fact, it was during one such steaming hot Google sesh when we came across a joke by the truth-telling Hari Kondabolu, which was so on the money, it reminded us of ourselves. And of Stephen Colbert.

It also reminded us of something else that we'd totally thought of before but maybe didn't write down, so you wouldn't have heard about it unless you talked to our friend Ricky, because he was there when we said it: This whole "Save the Earth" thing? It only works if we do it like NOW.

If Batman sees the Bat Signal, he's not like, "Oh, I'll go ahead and see what's up with that after I'm done Googling myself. (Notice how we said Batman and not Superman because Batman has no superpowers — just like you and me (Unless you count being a billionaire (Just… don't count that for right now (Also, Superman doesn't even observe the Bat Signal, so… shows how much you know.)))) NO. He tips the head right the eff back on that bust of Shakespeare and fireman poles down to the Bat Cave and goes out there and SAVES some shit right THEN. It's what heroes do. And Haris.

It doesn't have to be a big thing. Just, any time you get the urge to Google something, Google the words "Eco Petition." Because no matter what, at any given moment, there are hundreds of online petitions for important ecological movements which only need a few minutes of your time. Choose one that looks truly legit, sign it, share it, and do it every single day. And feel good about yourself. You'll be a billionaire of karma. Almost the same thing.

Still not enough self-love? Check out Address the Mess on Facebook for hilaaarious green tips.



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