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Do you wish the Cherry Poppin' Daddies were still all the rage? Yeah, me neither, and not just because of my zoot suit allergy. No, Daddy-O, if swing music hadn't taken an utter nosedive, we may never have been graced with the finest record label on the planet: Comedy Central Records! (Yes, we are slightly biased!)

For nearly a decade, CCR has been cranking out nugget after nugget of comedic gold with jaw-dropping success. The brains behind the operation, Jack Vaughn, recently talked with Sonic Scoop not only about his days in the swing scene, but also about CCR's business model, artistic philosophy, and of course the inspiration behind it all:

"The clincher… was around 1998 when I saw a clip of Mitch Hedberg doing a few minutes on television.  I was blown away and tracked down his self-released CD, Strategic Grill Locations. After memorizing it, it hit me that it was crazy that something this good wasn’t being properly released and marketed. That was when the idea crystallized that it was time to start a comedy label, and instead of trying to raise funding for it, the obvious home would be Comedy Central."

Thanks, Mitch, not only for being one of our favorite comedians of all time, but for making CCR's fearless leader (Jack Vaughn, not John Fogerty) see the light. On that note, how about a little celebratory clip?

Comedy Central Stand-Up
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