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Twit Happens: Zaterdagavond Like a Fox! Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Key & Peele
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by Mike Henneberger

Losing to Phil Collins at anything is not an easy thing to let go. Trust me. So when Rolling Stone caught up with Matt Stone and Trey Parker to talk to them about their recent Best Musical Theater Album Grammy nomination for The Book of Mormon, it also brought up some bad memories

"We have to win. I’m not losing to Phil Collins again," Parker told Rolling Stone, referring to the 2000 Grammy Awards when he and Stone were nominated for "Blame Canada" from South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut, but lost to Phil Collins’s Tarzan track "You’ll Be in My Heart."

So this year, Matt, Trey and Book of Mormon co-composer/lyricist Robert Lopez have a pretty foolproof plan to guarantee a win. All I can say is that involves a party soundtracked by Elton John and Billy Joel and catered by P.F. Chang's. Is there any other kind of party? Like I said: foolproof.

Check out the Rolling Stone story for Matt and Trey’s full plan to pander to the Grammy Academy and to see what they really think about the Emmys.



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