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Wishing You A Romance-Filled Holidays/Observances! Twit Happens: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
by | comments:

To promote his new special, which he is selling for five dollars on his website, Louis CK went on Reddit and answered fan questions for a good chunk of the afternoon. The whole thing is still online, and it's great.

One of his comments stuck out as particularly interesting. When asked if he'd consider writing and directing a movie, Louis wrote [one big "sic" to all of it]…

I would love yo make more movies. That is a FUCKING HARD JOB though, dude. Just to get it made. You can't even do anything else while you're tyring to get it made and then you probably won't. It's heart breaking. Then it takes a good 2 years to make and finish the movie then it maybe won't come out and then maybe it gets changed and worse than the movie not getting made, you made it, then it got changed into something you hated and then came out…

I have a dream, though. You want to hear it? Yeah? Well, okay.

I thought about what if I make another special like this one and i put it up for 5 bucks again and it goes gangbusters. It makes, say, 8 million bucks. I don't know that that is even possible. I'm trying to find out what the potential is with this one.

But so if I make 8 million, which all goes through paypal right into Pig Newton, my company that makes my show and made the special. Well I would leave the money in there and make a fucking movie…

Pretty exciting! Who doesn't want to see a new movie directed, written and probably edited by one of the most best comics alive?

Go read the whole thread! If you haven't bought Louis CK's new special Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater, do so immediately. Also, his last (Grammy nominated!) special, Hilarious is available on CD and DVD. As well as on iTunes as an album or a movie.



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