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Liveblogging the Fox News Debate in Iowa, Tonight @ 9/8c Best of 2011: The Comedy Awards
by | comments:

So I accidentally found myself over at Rookie–which may or may not advertise itself as "a website for teenage girls"–when I came across their regularly published advice column, "Ask a Grown Man," the latest edition of which features funny guy Hannibal Buress. (Warning: "special" effects might scare/nauseate you.)

Ask a Grown Man With Hannibal Buress from Rookie on Vimeo.

That was some pretty good advice from shape-shifting Hannibal, and maybe I took notes. He should consider part-time work as like a shape-shifting high school guidance counselor or something (like in Twilight). Can you imagine talking to a dude with, like, 1.5 heads and 2 scary floating mouths? How wild would that be? To me, pretty wild, though the kids these days seem to all know someone who looks like that. Also, there's Rush Limbaugh.

Hannibal's one-hour Comedy Central special taped earlier this month and will premiere in early 2012.



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