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Twit Happens: Bookish Hannibal Buress Freaks Out Your Inner Vanessa
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From Indecision

With the Iowa caucuses less than a month away, this debate has a lot riding on it. Newt Gingrich needs to perform well if he wants to help keep his poll numbers strong. Mitt Romney needs to refrain from lighting a cigar with a hundred-dollar bill before talking about how he grew up poor. Rick Perry needs to do the opposite of everything he's ever done on the campaign trail so far.

High stakes indeed. Join usĀ here and @TheInDecider tonight @ 9/8c for real-time coverage of the debate in Sioux City, Iowa.

And please, don't think about how much more fun Herman Cain would make this. He's gone. We're just going to have to carry on somehow.

Photo by Judy Unger/FoodPix/Getty Images



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