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Key & Peele Make It a December to Remember A Look Back at the Life of Kim Jong-Il with The Daily Show
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In the hustle and bustle of today's modern world, it can be very easy to forget the true meaning of the holiday season. Seriously, do you remember, because I've completely forgotten. Does it have something to do with zucchini? Or maybe speedboats? I don't know, I'm getting a vague but definite zucchini/speedboat feeling about it. Anyway, perhaps these holiday-themed Futurama clips can help jog our memories.

It's the Violentest Season of the Year

Xmas Eve

Robanukah Oil Wrestling

Fry vs. The Clock Tower

Hermes' Kwanzaa Party

Santa Warnings

Logical Paradox

New Santa

Special Santa Delivery

Mission to Chapek 9



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