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by | comments:

John Mulaney's recent Comedy Central special, New In Town, is garnering a lot of critical acclaim, and for good reason. Slate Magazine has smartly taken notice of this fact and interviewed the SNL writer/comedian recently, reinforcing the fact that it's pretty tough not to like this guy's material. The interview digs into a multitude of topics, including Mulaney's predilection for Law & Order: SVU:

"If they have arrested somebody before the half-hour, that is not the person, because they can’t prosecute someone for 45 minutes; they can only prosecute them for a half-hour. If they’ve arrested someone at the half-hour, it’s probably the person. But if they arrest someone early and go to trial, there’s a major twist coming, maybe that person is taking the rap for their dad who actually did the murder, or maybe vice versa, they’re taking the rap for their kid."

Valuable analysis, indeed. Ice-T's enigmatic and complex acting performances often leave me wondering just what is going on (literally). The guy who humped a fridge in Wet Hot American Summer is equally magnificent. And I can't shake the feeling that the killer is always John Munch. One of these episodes, the other shoe is gonna drop…

Pick up your copy of John Mulaney: New In Town here.



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