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by | comments:

By now you've probably seen that facebook photo of the awesomely dressed old man crying, apparently because the Belo Monte dam in Brazil has been approved once and for all, which will flood the land inhabited by the Kayapo people, aaaand the crying man is chief of the Kayapo people. Bad, bad day for him. While the facts are still coming in regarding the origin of that photo, the dam thing is real, dammit. So if you don't know, now you know, NINJAAA.

So what's the actual real-life* deal? Basically, the guys with the power and the money want to build a big hydroelectric dam to generate power to get more power and money. This is seems great (you had me at power and money) unless you are the guys without the power and money — aka the guys who live on the land that will be flooded if the dam gets finished. Flooded like underwater. Flooded like, relocate or drown. Flooded like Katrina, only in this case, the dams cause the flood.

What's to be done? Some of the world's leading philanthropic and coincidentally make-funnable celebrities have been all over this for years now and actually stopped one dam project in the area, but now it's happening again. "Non-celebrities" who have tried to protest have had their efforts met with murder, as this video explains. Warning: not funny.

Facebook is all over this now, which means time is definitely running out. But it you want to help, all you have to do is take like twenty seconds to sign this petition and share it. Otherwise, there will be a lot more old men crying, a lot of Stings and James Camerons crying, and tons of rainforest animals doing whatever they do when their s***t gets messed with. Nobody wants that.


*Real life is what you see when you look up from the glowing screen where all your friends are.



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