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See Wyatt Cenac on the Cheap Twit Happens: Comparative 21st-Century TV Watching 101
by | comments:

The closest I'll ever come to being an NPR host is listening to NPR. And even that is a long shot. In the words of Homer J. Simpson, I prefer to listen to Cheap Trick.

The closest Larry Wilmore will ever come to being an NPR host (unless he actually becomes an NPR host, which is entirely plausible) is playing an NPR host in a sitcom

Writer-actor-comedian Larry Wilmore is set to co-star opposite Mike Vogel inLiving Loaded, Fox’s single-camera comedy pilot from theIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia duo of Rob McElhenney and Rob Rosell and FX Prods…

Based on the book of the same name by Dan Dunn, Living Loaded centers on Dan (Vogel), the loose partying blogger of the popular Living Loaded blog who is forced to change his career plans when he becomes an NPR radio host.

Wilmore will play Leonard, a thoughtful and reserved Black intellectual whose dream of hosting his own NPR show is crushed when Dan is brought in as his co-host.

All things considered, that show sounds like a breath of fresh air. I'm sure that show is going to be the talk of the nation. You don't like my NPR puns? Sorry, I should have stopped when you said, "Wait, wait, don't tell me any more NPR puns!"

The best part is landing a spot on the pilot will not interfere with his continuing work as The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent.

After the jump, watch one of my favorite clips of Larry on The Daily Show. His bit starts at the 2:40 mark.

The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

Larry Wilmore: "I remember a Daily Show where a correspondent could work hard, give it everything they had, and achieve his dream of leaving this show for a better career in hollywood… today's is the first generation of correspondents that will do worse than the genration before." The economy is improving!



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