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Address the Mess: Hilarious New LOLRays! Stevie TV Premieres Sunday on VH1
by | comments:

When I was growing up, hackers spent most of their time thwarting plots to disrupt the oil supply and having sex with Angelina Jolie. But now, they sometimes put their talents to doing some truly worthwhile things, like hacking into voting machines to elect Bender Bending Rodriguez to the Washington DC school board. From Gizmodo:

[T]he team found vulnerabilities in the system controlling the server farm's security camera's, which allowed them to time attacks when nobody was around to notice the extra activity. Best of all, the team found a PDF containing authentication codes for every DC voter—you know, the ones voters use to prevent electoral fraud and prove their identities.

With this data, the team was able to change every ballot to a vote, not for any of the actual candidates, but a write-in for a fictional IT entity with Bender edging out Skynet in his political debut. Their control was so complete that even if new ballots were generated, they too would vote Bender.

Here's hoping this is only the beginning and November will see the election of President Rodriguez, the only politician who will make good on his promises of a chicken in every pot and death to all humans.



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