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Three Out of Three Hydra Heads Agree Ugly Americans Is the Best Colbert Exclusive: "Goodnight Irene" with Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and Don Fleming
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Did you want to go check out the South Beach Comedy Festival but couldn't because you are John Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble? Or maybe you couldn't go because you are John Travolta in Michael, and you've used up all your trips to Earth and are now confined to Heaven.

Well, whichever John Travolta you might be, you have nothing to worry about, because you can watch stand-up from the festival online right now this afternoon at 3/2c! The special is hosted by Amy Schumer and features Kevin Biggins, Renee Gauthier, Brian Babylon and Dan Soder. Here's the first segment:

Click here to watch the rest of the special!



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